Dairy products

For dairy products producers we offer a great range of food ingredients, such as antimicrobial systems, sugar replacers, emulsifiers, coagulants, food fibers, dairy cultures, culture media, natural colours, stabilizing emulsifying systems, hydrocolloids, fruit and vegetable powders.

Antimicrobial systems

We recommend to use protective cultures, that have been specially selected and developed for their ability to control the growth of pathogenic and/or spoilage micro-organisms in fermented food.

For the surface treatment of ripened cheese we can offer Natamycin, which helps to avoid growth of molds and yeasts.

Nisin prevents spoilage of different food products, which is caused by Gram+ and pathonenic bacterias.

Fermentates – multifunctional ingredients, which contain naturally-produced fermentation metabolites (primarily organic acids but also peptides and aromatic compounds), which provide a range of properties and benefits including:

  • Taste and texture enhancement;
  • Emulsion stability and opacity;
  • Solids and water binding;
  • Maintaining the freshness and fresh-keeping of a wide range of food products.

Sugar replacers

For the production of various food products we can offer a range of sugar replacers, such as fructose, Xylitol, politextrose, lactitol.


We offer broad range of emulsifiers, the oil and water binding properties of which are very important in food industry. Emulsifiers help to produce a stable emulsion, facilitate production of low-fat and low-transfat products, improve whipping properties of dairy, non-dairy and recombined cream, enhance mousse aeration and stability, also provide desired overrun and melting properties of ice cream, improve mouthfeel.


Milk coagulants are mainly used for the production of curd and cheese. Our offered milk clotting enzymes can have different coagulating strength and composition, also they can be in liquid and dry form.

With the help of enzymes we can get better output, quality and texture of the product. 

Milk enzymes consist of:

  • protease – it’s a milk clotting enzyme, which acts in a primary phase, during which the hydrolysis of Kappa casein occurs;
  • peptidase, ammonium-peptidase and lipase – those are ripening enzymes of microbial origin. They act during cheese ripening process and give cheese desired texture, reduce bitterness, also add flavour and taste.

We offer:

  • animal extract coagulants, called Rennet -the extract of the macerated abomasa of weaned calf;
  • microbial coagulants, called Marzyme. Marzyme is an enzyme produced by the fermentation of a purified culture of the fungal specie Mucor miehei.

We can also offer dairy producers different origin enzymes, such as:

  • lactase, which is used for the production of dairy products with reduced quantity of lactose;
  • lipase, which gives additional taste and flavour for ripened cheese.

Food fibers

Highly functional vegetable fibers bind moisture and liquid fat effectively, which enables to give requested texture to the final product or fibers can work as an anti-caking agent. Depending on your final product we’ll offer different fiber lengths ranging from 30 to400 microns.

We can offer different origin vegetable fibers: wheat, bamboo, sugar canes, potatoes, peas, etc.

In case of necessity we can also provide you with low dust (LD) food fibers.

Dairy cultures

Lactic cultures – freeze-dried or deep frozen mesophilic and thermophilic milk clotting cultures, which are used for the production of fresh fermented products and cheese.

Ripening cultures – give cheese specific and piquant taste, flavor and texture. Those are mainly mold and yeast cultures, which can be either inoculated directly into the cheese milk or sprayed on the surface and grow during cheese ripening process.

Protective cultures – comprise strains of bacteria that have been specially selected and developed for their ability to control the growth of pathogenic and/or spoilage micro-organisms in fermented food.

Probiotic strains – health enhancing bacteria that today are widely used in dairy, dietary supplements and nutritional products. Numerous studies have proven that regular consumption of probiotics will enhance your immune system and reduce digestive disorders significantly.

Culture media

All culture media contain growth stimulants which favour the development of lactic bacteria. Media also protects against bacteriophages and contamination of the final product. Bulk starter prepared on the base of media has always the same quality, which guarantees the production of high quality products.

Media is fine white-ivory powder, which has to be dissolved in water and the mixture must be heated at 85ºC for 30 minutes. After cooling the mixture up to inoculation temperature, the culture is poured into the mixture and then the bulk starter is prepared according to the bulk starter’s preparation process.

Natural colours

We offer an extensive range of colour extracts and powders derived from natural sources, in both single and blended forms. They compliment the flavour of food whilst providing a secondary colouring effect. Depending on the composition of the product we offer water and oil soluble colours.

We can offer wide range of colouring foodstuffs for E-free solutions. “Ingredients from Nature” are sourced from fruits, vegetables, berries, spices and edible plants that contain colour naturally. Without the use of selective extraction these foodstuffs undergo simple processes allowing for a cleaner labelling declaration.

We always aim to offer the customers excellence in technical and customer service. We will provide advice and support when selecting and using colours as well as offering specific advice on dosage, processing and compatibility with other food ingredients. One of main objectives is to provide an extensive natural colour palette of easy to use stable colours, using formulations and processing that meet the requirements of our customers’ needs.

Stabilizing emulsifying systems

Functional systems provide blended ingredient solutions that are easy to use and ensure customer requirements are precisely fulfilled time after time. Functional systems save time and money and reduce the risk of dosing errors. Due to the synergy created between the blended ingredients, the dosage is often lower, contributing to reduced cost in use.


The hydrocolloids are all water soluble polysaccharides with a highly functional effect at low dosages. We can offer:

  • Pectin – a polymeric carbohydrate with a high molecular weight, is derived from a peel of citrus fruit. High-ester and low-ester pectins provide viscosity and creaminess, prevents syneresis, stabilizes gel structure.
  • Carrageenan derived from red seaweed and known for its extremely efficient gelling properties. Most commercial carrageenan products are a mixture of all three types – kappa, Iota and Lambda. Due to its ability to interact with milk proteins, carrageenan is widely used in milk-based applications, preventing whey separation in ice cream, providing the desired consistency in milk gels, adding texture to processed cheese and combating the sedimentation of cocoa particles in chocolate milk.
  • Locust Bean Gum – this stabilizer, thickening agent and texture modifier is obtained from the seeds of the Mediterranean carob tree. The synergy created when locust bean gum is combined with other hydrocolloids adds gel strength and texture to gelled products.
  • Guar is obtained from the seeds of the guar gum bush. This cost-effective textural ingredient is ideal for a wide range of processed food products that do not require heat to develop full viscosity. Guar gum is also well known for its synergistic relationship with xanthan.
  • Xanthan is produced by the micro-organism Xanthamonas campestris in a fermentation process. It is primarily used as a thickener, but is also recognized as the most efficient stabilizer for suspensions, emulsions and solid particles in water-based recipes. Highly resistant to enzymatic degradation and extremely stable over a wide temperature and pH range, xanthan has outstanding functionality in numerous applications.
  • Alginate is a polysaccharide of the mixed alginic acid salts found in brown seaweed and is used as stabilizing, thickening and/or gelling agent in numerous applications.

Fruit and vegetable powders

Fruit and vegetable powders are obtained by drying fruit juices and pulps. Selecting from four exclusive methods of cold spray drying, low temperature spray drying, vacuum drying and drum  drying enables to meet all the requirements of taste, smoothness, granulation, solubility and carrier material.

Powder produced by a unique cold spray drying process has top quality. This process ensures optimal colour retention and the preservation of vitamins and other valuable components. Such powder is mainly applied in baby and infant foods, soups, sauces, spice mixes, snack foods and dietetic products.

Beside the range of standard products we can offer fruit and vegetable powders with different compositions. There are products with higher or lower percentage of dried substance or with different kinds of carrier material available.

Using different sieve separations products from Flakes (drum-dried) and Granules (vacuum–dried) to fine powders can be provided.